Mad Science Forge - Forged Titanium Swords and Knives - The Lab

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Welcome to Mad Science Forge
The secret headquarters, laboratory, and manufactorium of the original forged titanium alloy swords.
The making of a Mad Science Forge sword begins by using fire and hammer to forge exotic
titanium alloy bar stock into a sword billet. The billet is then ground by hand into a
sword, and heat-treated to make a very tough, rigid yet flexible blade. After final
refinement, some are then fully hilted and balanced like a violin bow, while
other blades' grips are wrapped with fine leather and feel ultra light, yet
punch well above theirweight. These swords are quick, capable,
and exciting to wield.
Top-notch swords are the main Mad Science Forge pursuit,
but the world demands knives as well! Heat-treatable titanium
alloys are fine-grained, and take a nice sharp edge for general knife
use. The metal is totally corrosion proof, flexible and very strong when
used as a thin blade, machete or even a spear. Explore the site and links for more information about these unique edged tools.