Mad Science Forge - Forged Titanium Swords and Knives - Forge

Welcome to Mad Science Forge
The secret headquarters, laboratory, and manufactorium of the original forged titanium alloy swords.

Mad Science Forge was started in 2013 with the mission to make fully-functional titanium swords. Considered a thing of science fiction, in the world of bladesmithing it had generally been considered a fool's errand to attempt to make a real sword out of a titanium alloy.

As it turns out, this mysterious and amazing class of alloys had many secrets to discover. Forging and sword-making techniques were tested and assessed. Metallurgists were interrogated, titanium metallurgy was studied. Legendary bladesmiths were consulted, picked up by their ankles and held upside-down, then shaken until helpful insight fell out of their pockets (along with their lunch money).

With a lot of hard work, testing, and observation, the titanium sword pursuit began to yield sharp and pointy fruit. Since then the design and fabrication techniques of the swords and machetes have been continuously refined into producing an extremely potent hand-held blade. The heat treatment processes developed at Mad Science Forge have also been refined over time, and are unique in the worlds of both titanium and bladesmithing.