Mad Science Forge - Forged Titanium Swords and Knives - Machetes

A machete is the most useful type of hand-held titanium blade. If made properly, a ti alloy machete is simply fantastic to use. Fast and accurate, the large blade makes powerful cuts despite the light weight, letting the user get work done with little fatigue. They can be used with a flick of the wrist, or a full-power chop.

Titanium alloys are tough, stiff, and flexible, allowing for a thin machete that can handle anything, from slashing through thin grasses, to chopping heavy brush and even logs. The characteristics and strengths of ti alloys shine when used as a machete or bush tool, and the blades require little maintenance.

For outdoorsman, hikers, or anyone who uses a machete-type tool, a titanium model offers the usefulness and power of a long blade at the weight of a big sheath knife. Ti alloys absorb shock for a dead impact feel, a delight for those dealing with problems such as joint pain or arthritis, and insurance against it for those who love to use blades extensively to deal with vegetation.

Mad Science Forge machetes have many of the same blade characteristics as the swords, but are usually thinner and more convex in cross-section, with a less acute distal thickness taper.