Mad Science Forge - Forged Titanium Swords and Knives - Swords

Making fine titanium alloy swords are the main pursuit and reason for starting Mad Science Forge. If worked properly, the right ti alloys can have the perfect attributes for a sword. It's tough and strong. Flexible but quite stiff, light weight but not weightless. It carries a heavy blow due to its impact-deadening harmonic and resonance qualities, and is extremely resistant to cracks and breaking. Not to mention, it's beautiful, rust-proof, and gets very sharp.

To make a sword, titanium stock is forged into a shaped billet, painstakingly ground into a sword blade, individually heat-treated by hand and eye, and hilted for perfect balance. Proper balance-in-motion, flex, and vibration node placement, is something of an obsession with these swords.

Some of the sword blades are designed without a full hilt to make them extra light weight and lightning quick. These have a subtly different shape and taper than the hilted swords, to aid in balance.

These swords are quick, capable, and exciting to wield. They punch well above their weight, with the finely-tuned balance of a violin bow. Despite being designed as swords, most Mad Science Forge swords can also be used as if they were machetes.